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VVF-Very Violent Fighting


Good equitment to use for a good backyard wrestling movie.

You watch WWE and you see that they switch camera angles at the push of a button, dont bother spending lots of money on this equitment, just do what we do. It wont even cost you $50!

Alright, well, your camera or camcorder will have a A/V OUT slot in it, like this:


Well, you'll need two or more cameras, it doesnt matter what kind just as long it has a slot like that. Well, you'll need two or more cords like this:


Now, you will need a tv with the yellow, red (white) slots,


It doesnt have to be that fancy, just any tv, a blank tape, and a special hookup, i dont remember what its called, i broke my old one and through it away and i have to buy a new one, ill also put a picture on, well, youll hook the cord to the camera, and to the hardware and do that to all cameras, connect the hardware to the tv, find the tv channel the hardwares connected to, then put in the blank tape in the vcr slot and rewind it to the begining, so now when ur recording a match, u can click a button and it will switch to a different angle, there.
If you go to Best Buy, the hardware will cost 25 dollars.


We kill eachother so you dont have to!